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Cutting for a Cure was founded by Dennis “Denny Moe” Mitchell, who is the owner operator of Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop located in Harlem, New York.  Denny Moe has designed a collaborative and cooperative partnership model that has successfully been able to bring the barbershop and the healthcare professional communities together to raise awareness and offer preventive guidance to address the health issues in racial and ethnic minority communities.

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Denny Moe: The Original Superstar Barber


Having cut the likes of Keith Sweat and New Edition, Dennis Mitchell is now cutting for a cure

Gerren Keith Gaynor Posted: 07/11/2014 02:00 PM EDT

Dennis Mitchell, affectionately known as “Denny Moe” is a legend in the streets of Harlem. His 31-year career has seen him travel the world, tour with the music industry’s biggest acts and running his own barbershop with his namesake.
One of his most notable clients was R&B crooner Keith Sweat.
“If you were somebody in the New Jack era you were coming to Denny Moe. If you weren’t coming to Denny Moe, you wasn’t hot,” Denny told Centric in an exclusive interview at Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop.
The year was 1988 and Sweat had the number one song "I Want Her" on New York radio’s HOT 97, which also claimed the top spot on Billboard’s R&B chart. But even with his commercial success, Sweat’s superstardom was no match for Denny and his demanding list of clientele.

“Keith waited for four hours,”Denny recalled.

The singer’s manager at the time wasn’t too fond of his superstar client having to wait in line for a haircut like everyone else. But for Denny, who had built his reputation as the best barber in town, all of his clients were “superstars” - not just a selected few with songs on the radio.
“I’m like...you see the name of the barbershop? It says Superstar Barbershop. It’s an all-star barbershop, somebody gotta wait,” he said.
Denny admits he thought Sweat would never return after denying him royal treatment, but was surprised when the singer did two weeks later. “My girl told me whoever cut my hair last to let him cut it again,” Sweat said.
He then hired Denny as a private barber and the rest, as they say, is history. Eventually Sweat invited the barber to come with him on tour, both domestically and internationally. Denny Moe also acquired clients like Doug E. Fresh, New Edition, Bobby Brown and Montell Jordan.
Though he was living the life of a rock star, Denny says he worried about his clientele back in Harlem. “I had over 700 people in my books, and about 300 were active. That means 300 people came every week to two weeks. People needed me,” he said. Shockingly, the barber said his clients were right there when he returned to the shop.
Over 25 years later, Denny has continued to make clients feel like superstars at his shop, which was featured on ABC’s “What Would You Do?”

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